Here a collection of articles written by me for the Swiss diving magazine Taucher Revue. I worked as an editor from 2010 to 2018. These are mostly available in German only.


Diving Techniques and Technics

All kinds of collected knowledge about diving equipment such as regulators, valves, cylinders, lamps, air quality in diving cylinders, underwater housings, as well as diving techniques such as buoyancy and trimming, sidemount diving, solo diving and diving physics. →read on


Diving Medicine

I am not a medical specialist, so so far there is only one artile on the subject of ear problems, as these accompany me regularly on diving holidays in tropical areas. →read on


Underwater Biology

Collection of articles on marine and freshwater life. Unfortunately, I'm not a marine biologist, but I'm interested in it and mainly photograph animals. I always say: good underwater photos are 10% technique, 10% ability and 80% luck. →read on (German)


Diving Destinations

Here are a few travel reports from extraordinary diving vacations, as well as descriptions of interesting diving spots at home and abroad, especially wrecks. Somehow I used to have more time and money to travel. →read on (German)


Tips & Tricks

A conglomeration of all kinds of tips and tricks on the subject of diving equipment. →read on (German)