Here is a collection of various pictures that don't fit into a separate album. Mostly there are some experiments. November 2001 to May 2018, 39 photos.

Heart Shell Christmas Star Gummi Bears Water Drops Water Drops Water Drops Water Whirl Milk Drops Milk Drops Milk Drops Bee wax candle Candle light Fireworks for poor Fireworks for poor Gummi Bear Threesome Dead Gummi Bear Injured Gummi Bear Wisdom Tooth Water Drops Water Drops Water Drops Calla Duck in Dew Drop Snail before/after Perch before/after Perches before/after Jellyfish before/after Hommingberg Gepard Trout Anemone before/after Sunfish before/after Making of 'Anemone with Anemone Fish' Making of 'Korallenblock' Making of 'Sea Stars' Making of 'Samaranger Cross Shark Picture before/after Barracudas before/after Making of 'Hi President Skroob' Napoleon before/after Making of Catfish in Rhine