Personal Data

NameBernd Nies Photo
TitleDipl. El. Ing. HTL
Age1.616979403·109 s
Height(1.74 ± 0.01) m
Mass(82 ± 3) kg
Volume(83 ± 1.5)·10-3 m3
Temperature(311 ± 2) K
Hairbrown, grey, amount decreasing
Skinwhite with freckles
Shoe sizeEU 42, UK 8-8.5, US 9-9.5, JP, 27, FR 43.5
Marital statemarried
LanguagesGerman, English, a little bit French, even less Spanish
HobbiesFamily, diving, photography, astronomy, travelling, mountain bike, hiking, cinema, writing articles
InterestsScience, technics, history, environtalism, geography
Ingredients65.0% Oxygen, 18.5% Carbon, 9.5% Hydrogen, 3.2% Nitrogen, 1.5% Calcium, 1.0% Phosphorus, 0.4% Potassium, 0.3% Sulfur, 0.2% Sodium, 0.3% Chlorine, 0.1% Magnesium, 0.1% Iodine, 0.1% Iron, traces of Chromium, Cobalt, Copper, Fluorine, Manganese, Molybdenum, Selenium, Tin, Vanadium and Zinc.


Snail MailBernd Nies, Rebmoosweg 59, CH-5200 Brugg, Switzerland
(For US citizens: That's not Sweden, Swaziland or China.)
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