Chicago and Niagara Falls, USA

After a few days in Chicago I had enough from this city and drove about 1000km to the Niagara Falls. I expected them to be much bigger, but the most of the water runs through power plants. Wednesday, August 1, 2001, 58 photos.

Sears Tower Grant Park Fountain Skyscrapers Downtown Downtown Hilton Harbor Canyon Downtown City Lights Dusk Panorama Adler Planetarium Navy Pier Skyscrapers Sears Tower Navy Pier Lighthouse Skyscrapers at Night Fountain at Night Fountain at Night Waterfall Waterfall Maid in the Mist Boats Waterfall Waterfall Waterfall Blue Canadians Casino Tower Waterfall Rainbow Bridge Waterfall Towers in the Mist Waterfall Waterfall Horseshoe Falls American Falls Rainbow American Falls Dropoff Seagull on Trunk Waterfall Balloon Rainbow Bridge Trunk Skyline Seagull Airplanes La Salle Street Canyon Sears Tower Downtown Adler Planetarium Buoy Skyline with Ship Lighthouse with Ships Tower Skyline at Night