Flight Triengen — Samedan

Aerial pictures taken during a flight from the foggy lowlands of Switzerland to the sunny, snowy Engadin for a lunch. We flew with a Rockwell Commander from Moonlight Air. Some air layers were full with ice crystals and caused pretty optical phenomena like a colorful glory. A few weeks later a private jet made a crash landing in Samedan due to the many snow. The two pilots died in that accident. Sunday, January 4, 2009, 54 photos.

Flying above fog sea Fog sea Fog sea border Flying above fog Fog is thinning Mount Pilatus Mountains in winter Fog line Mountains in the mist Valley in the mist Reuss river, Lake Uri Lenticular clouds 1 Lenticular clouds 2 Moon above lenticular clouds Clouds above mountains Swiss Alps with clouds Swiss Alps Flying above Swiss Alps Lake Zervfreila Mountains with cloud strip Mountain ridges Mountains in twilight Upper Engadin Martial Celerina Light and shadow Station Corviglia Mountains with ski lifts Glory with airplane shadow Sunlight and clouds Glory on cloud cover Cloud gap Mountain summits with snow Mountain summits with clouds Mountains in evening light Tödi with Clouds Mount Tödi Tödi in evening light Mount Düssi Rigi above fog sea Great Windgällen Urner Alps in evening light Rossstock and Fulen Chaiserstrock Rigi with fog border Brunnen Small and Big Mount Mythen Mount Fronalpstock Evening shadows above fog sea Edge of fog sea Rigi Scheidegg Mount Rigi Mount Rigi Approaching Triengen Airfield