Lake Constance

The wreck of the steam boat "Jura" is the most famous diving attraction of Lake Constance (Bodensee in german). It sank 1864 and was rediscovered in 1976 by Hans Gerber (Jurahans). Today one can get there from harbour in Bottingen in five minutes by diving boat with Neutaucher. Saturday, October 12, 2013, 16 photos.

Wreck of Jura Name Jura Paddle Wheel Jura porthole Jura steering wheel Jura Davits Jura stairs Jura paddle wheel box starboard 1 Jura paddle wheel box starboard 2 Jura windlass Jura bow Jura paddle wheel box portside Jura Stairs Jura diver Jura paddle shaft Jura steam boiler Jura funnel