Lake Zug

One of the most popular and beautiful diving sites on Lake Zug is called "gipsy place" in the forest between Zug and Walchwil. There's a beautiful wall, sunken trees and some seagrass meadows. Another nice diving site is called "Strick" and close to Arth. There's also a nice wall with big rocks and on the shore one can find many sunfish. The diving site at restaurant Baumgarten in Immense is also very popular. Usually Lake Zug is the first clear lake in spring after all the snow has melted. June 2009 to July 2019, 64 photos.

Flex 1 Burbot under Tree Flex 2 Flex 3 Burbot 2 Burbot 3 Burbot 4 Ruffe American Crayfish European Perch Pumpkinseed Sunfish Pumpkinseed Sunfish Perch Perch Portrait Mussels Pumpkinseed Sunfish Pumpkinseed Sunfish Pumpkinseed Sunfish Pumpkinseed sunfish with mussels Diver with Branch Wall Two Divers Sea Grass Popoi Popoi Swarm of Perches Split view Dive buddy split view Freshwater polyps Perch spawn Perch spawn American Crayfish Crayfish in Hand McDonalds Crayfish Lister's river snail Orconectes limisosus Hydra vulgaris Perch Spawn Mussels on Crayfish McDonalds Crayfish Lota lota Hydra vulgaris Crayfish Diver with Camera Underwater Photographer Crayfish DiveZone Sign Easter Egg found Another Easter Egg Diver Diver Crayfish Find the pike Wheel cap on a tree Swarm of young fish Young fish with branch Branches covered with shells Sunken tree Sun over wall Branches with underwater plants Young fish Young pike with underwater plants Young pike hiding between underwater plants Young pike with underwater plants