Raja Ampat, Indonesia

These pictures were made during 21 of 32 dives on an dive safari with MV Pindito between 14 and 25 march 2005 in Raja Empat on the tour Sorong-Misool-Sorong. I used a Nikon Coolpix 5400 in a Sea&Sea housing and a Subtronic Mini TTL underwater strobe and sometimes a fisheye converter. All pictures were made during daylight because the LED pilot light of the Subtronic mini was too weak for the Cooolpix' autofocus. There were much better situations but either the autofocus was too slow, the camera software crashed or the strobe akku was empty. :-( March 15 to 23, 2005, 105 photos.

Zodiac down under Soft coral Gorgony Leather coral Soft corals Giant Clam Anemone fish Spiral Tubeworms Dive up Swarm glass fish Coral reef Bumphead bat fish Three clownfish Coral trees Coral reef Table coral Coral reef Fern Pygmy Seahorse Horn corals Pygmy seahorse paparazzi Pygmy seahorse paparazzi Underwater scene Stone coral Tube sponges Barrel sponge Emperor angelfish Red toot trigger fish Partner shrimp Neon nudibranch Pennant fish Barracudas Skunk anemone fish Coral Goby Dwarf Hawkfish Dwarf Hawkfish Willan's Sea Slug Boring Clam Damselfishes Softcoral and Feather Seastar Oriental Sweetlip Lionfish 1 Coral Hind Pufferfish Spotted Hawkfish Lobster Whip Coral Flatworm Sea Slug Clownfish Fusiliers Elongate surgeonfishes Elongate surgeonfishes Elongate surgeonfishes Giant Trigggerfish Trumpetfish Flatworm Sand Perch Yellow Banded Lipfish Glassfish Clown triggerfish Rain from below Barracuda Fischlouse Anchovis Mappa Pufferfish Emperorfish Partner Shrimps Lionfish Coral Goby Lobster Wart Slug Lionfish Sea Slug Mantis Shrimp Mantis Shrimp Sepia Pipefish Lionfish False Cleaning Wrasse Harlequin Ghost Pipefish Pygmy Seahorse Pygmy Seahorse Coral Reeef Triplespot blenny Seastar Seasnake Nudibranch Nudibranch Flatworm Razorfish Headshield Slugs Pipefish Coral Reef Reef with Current Manta with Remora Black Manta with Beat Black Manta Black Manta Manta Black Manta Manta Fish Soup Manta Beat