Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt

One week with 12 dives with Seamax in Sharm el Sheikh in April 2007. Accomodation in Beach Albatros Hotel. There are two dive sites which are accessed by boat: Ras Mohammed and Tiran Island. Unfortunately diving is mass tourism there and sometimes it can happen that there are about a dozen dive boats on the same site. Ejoying the underwater workd with all the engine noise and many divers is not easy and some animals are scared away. Diving in a group as photographer is not a good idea cause one needs time to concentrate on a target. This was my third time at the SS Thistlegorm. I recommend minimum a 15 liter Nitrox tank and diving in a group with the same experience and equipment - otherwise one has to get up after 30 minutes when the first runs out of air. If possible go on early morning before all the boats arrive and first visit the inside before 100 divers raised all the dust in the inside. Usually the order is different: first dive outside, second dive inside. March 2007 to April 2007, 53 photos.

Jewel Fairy basslet Glass fishes Jellyfish Mirela Hawk fish Mirela und Nemo Clownfish family Coral hind Schultz's Pipefish Parrot Fish Arabian Damsel Chelidonura livida Brain Coral Chromodoris quadricolor Lionfish Lionfish Mirela and Yasser Coral and Sun Soft Coral Jellyfish Mirela and Yasser Parrot Fish Bluespotted Stingray Gorgony Coral Block Freef Top Coral Reef Gobies Jellyfish Egyptian Sea Star Emperor Fish Sand Lizardfish Giant Moray Eel Diagonal Butterflyfish Lionfish Hawkfish Tank in Thistlegorm Grenade in Thistlegorm Cart in Thistlegorm Diver and Thistlegorm Glassfish Stern Gun Thistlegorm Wreck SS Thistlegorm Thistlegorm Rope Winch Thistlegrom Bubbles Bikes in SS Thistlegorm Bikes in SS Thistlegorm Railway Car in Thistleggorm Thistlegorm Twilight Truck in Thistlegorm Fish Swarm Batfish Bubbles from Thistlegorm