Underwater pictures from the dive sites Koh Ha, Koh Rok, Hin Nok and Hin Daeng/Muang in Thailand. We dived with Rainbow Divers which are located at the Koh Hai Fantasy Resort. Most dive sites are about 1-3 hours dive boat ride away from the island Koh Hai. The water is mostly not very clear but there is much life in the water. We had the great luck to meet a whale shark. Unfortunately I don't have pictures because the camera was in movie mode. See this little movie on YouTube. Due to problems with my back I left my big camera (16kg case) at home and took the small Sea & Sea DX-8000G with me. December 23 to 30, 2007, 62 photos.

Cave Bubbles Chimney Fish swarm in cave Gorgony Cave Cave Cave Glass fish Pufferfish Lionfish Fish swarm Crown of Thorns Jellyfish with fish Shrimps Nudibranch Jellyfish Moray Eel Moray Eel Lionfish Lionfishes Moray on a hook Sandra Glass fishes Sandra Glass fishes Barracudas Batfishes AOWD algebra lessons Barracudas Christmas tree worms Giant clam Nudibranch Sea snake Underwater landscape Underwater landscape Banner Fish Moorish Idol Cavern Diver Cavern Diver Moray Eel Hatchetfish Scorpionfish Sea Cucumber Lionfish Fish soup Scorpionfish Fish Slug Race Moray Eel Fisch Swarm Clownfish Butterflyfish Glassfish Coral Trout Coral Garden Batfish Pufferfish Coral Trout above Anemones Wart Slug Two Wart Slugs Cleaning Shrimps