Stars, star clusters, galactic nebulae and galaxies are famous photography targets of amateur astronomers. With today's capabilities of digital imaging an amateur astronomer is capable of making better pictures than the best professional observatories some decades ago. Have a look at Astronomical Image Data Archive (AIDA) for a bigger selection of astrophotography. January 1993 to September 2021, 49 photos.

Orion Antares Region Milky way Scutum Milky way Plejades Orion nebula h+Chi Persei Rising Orion Orion and Matterhorn Orion above Chur Milky way Lukmanierpass Mailand from Lukmanierpass Starry night Sarnen from Glaubenbergpass Stargazers at Hotel Langis Polar star above fir Star trails Circumpolar Starns Light Pollution Telescope Meeting High Current Pylon Snowcat Snowcat Circumpolar Stars Starparty Gurnigel 2009 Mirasteilas Falera 2009 Setting Orion Light Pollution with Meteor Polar Star Moon in branch gap Mountainbike with Polaris Tree with polar star Big and Little Dipper Milky Way above Telescopes Milky Way and Light Pollution Milky Way above Lake Davos Star Trails above Lake Davos Star Party 2012 Star Party 2012 Milky Way with Shooting Star Milky Way above Telescopes Milky Way above Light Pollution Milky Way above Tree Milky Way with Clouds web20200710_D850_M31.jpg web20200710_D850_M31_crop.jpg Milky Way in Constellation Cygnus Milky Way with Bolide web20210904_d850_composite.jpg