January 1991 to May 2019, 45 photos.

Bachtel in Winter Icicles Apple blossoms hare's-foot clover Colourful leaves Pfaffenholz Hirzel Hirzel Chämpt ravine Bachtel Bachtel Glowing fog sea 1 Glowing fog sea 2 Glowing fog sea 2 Tracks Chämpt ravine 1 Chämpt ravine 2 Chämpt ravine 3 Chämpt ravine 4 Purification plant Bäretswil Chämpt ravine 5 Sunset Swamp at Greifensee House in Vineyard Tree on a Hill Lake Zurich at Night Säntis at Sunset Frog Quacking frog Forsythia Blossom White blossom Lent lillies Pussy willow Drop on plant Liliac after may rain Swan with cygnet Great crested grebe Mallard duck Coot Ducks Lemur Ibis Bird taking a shower Red bird