Eolian Islands, Italy

The Liparian Islands (also called Eolian Islands) lie in the north of Sicily. They are all of volcanic origin. The island Stromboli with the always active volcano is the northernmost island of this archipel and very fascinating. We visited these islands in October 1996 and 1997. I was always interested in volcanos but since that time I fell in love with them. Climbing up an active volcano and observing the eruptions at night is a unique and fascinating experience. Wednesday, October 1, 1997, 61 photos.

Sun Dogs Church on Lipari Tankship Ruins on Stromboli Smoking Stromboli Volcano Stromboli Eruption Stromboli Beach Chair on Beach Stromboli Beach Dog on Vulcano's Beach Vulcano Harbour Siremar Ferry Palm Tree Steam Clouds on Vulcano Steam Clouds on Vulcano Rock with Sulfur Bush on Ash Slope Red Volcano Sunrise behind Palm Sunrise Stromboli Eruption with Moon Stromboli Eruption with Moon Stromboli Eruption with Moon Stromboli Eruption with Moon San Vincenzo Pink House Dusk Mood Startrails with Volcano Light and Shadows Smoking Volcano Stromboli pizzeria Alicudi and Filicudi Sunset Sunset with Volcano Stromboli in Dusk San Bartolo Strombolicchio Butterfly Crater of Vulcano Crater of Vulcano Ivan in Sulfur Steam Fumarole Eruption Material Stromboli from Vulcano Hydrofoil Steaming Crater Edge Yellow Stone Vulcanello On Vulcanello Sulfur Rock Steam Springs Vulcanello and Lipari Yellow Crater Edge Steaming Crater Edge Sunset Sunset behind Steam Sunset Ferry Milazzo Hydrofoil Industry Zone Milazzo