August 3 to 19, 2010, 72 photos.

Palms on the Beach Beach Hut on the Beach Three rusty Ships Ship Suva Canal in Suva Suva Bus Suva Church in Suva Island Nai'a Bow Water Bowl Nai'a Sun Deck Nai'a Windlass Nai'a Dive Deck Nai'a Photo Cabin Palm Island Nai'a Skiff Divers on Skiff Fisherwoman Green Island Even Greener Island Bay Hut on a Beach Seagull Photographers Palm Island Rays of Sunlight Fisherman Sailboat Votuasica Bushfire Nai'a Foredeck Nai'a Afterdeck Diving Equipment Crow's Nest Skiffs Nai'a Sun behind Tree Nai'a in a Lagoon Idyllic Lagoon Nai'a in a Lagoon Bathing Tub Sunset Green Flash Humpback Whale Kava Party Making Music Kava Making Music Sunset Residence Island with Beach Native People Child Stove Village House Dusk Children Kava Celebration Presents Making Kava Sitting and Clapping Dancing Boy Sitting Women Native Dance Girl with Chewing Gum Good Bye! Donation