These pictures were taken on a ten day dive cruise on the vessel MV Pindito trough Nusa Tenggara from Bali to Komodo and back. Unfortunately I did not have an underwater camera then to take pictures of the breathtaking underwater world. Thanks to Edi Frommenwiler and the team for this great trip. (Pindito on Google Maps) April 2001 to March 2005, 39 photos.

Strait of Lombok Ferry Dawn with Bats Bats Island Island Crop Circles? Pindito Bay Pindito Komodo Zodiac Zodiacs Zodiac Bat with Hole Water Ski Komodo Waran Komodo Warans Komodo Waran Dolphins Kids on Ship Wreck Ships in Harbour Sunset Sunset Islands Islands Islands Islands Fishing Boat Diving Boat Island Islands Lagoon Lagoon Lagoon Sunset Sunset Sunset Sunset