Velavaru, Maldives

In October/November 2002 Cedric, Thomas and I stayed for two weeks at Velavaru Island Resort, also called the Turtle Island. This island is located at the South Nilandhe Atoll at the Maldives. The excellent dive base is run by Ocean-Pro Dive Team. First we had booked the dive trip at Bali but on 13 October 2002 some dumb Al Quaida fanatics confused Australians with Americans and bombed a night club at Kuta. Although after this attack Bali would have been the most Al Quaida safest place on earth we booked another dive destination. Friday, November 1, 2002, 36 photos.

Beach Crab Ships on the Sea Palms Hermit Crab Beach Crab Hermit Crab Palm Beach Palm Beach Pump House Waterplane Reception Hall Cocos Palm Footprints in Sand Saltwater Bubbles Fruits Reception Pier Water Airplaine Crabs Crow Sunset Blacktip Reef Shark Beach Palms with Umbrella Sunset Sunset Windless Surfing Crow Sunset Cloud Cedric with Kite Rainy Day Palm Sunset Freight Ship Harbour Freight Ship