Aerial Photos Alps Valais

This album shows aerial pictures of Switzerland made during a scenic flight on 22 October with a Rockwell Commander 114 from Moonlight Air. Start and landing site was air field Triengen. Rough flight path was: Napf, Thun, Sion, Matterhorn, Jungfrau, Interlaken, Thun, Belp, Triengen. Saturday, October 22, 2005, 62 photos.

Napf area Cloud formations Foothills of the Alps Thun with Aare Lake Amsolding Niesen Thun Stockhorn and Gantrisch Foothills of the Alps Gantrisch Swiss Alps Mountain Bernese Alps Plaine Morte Wildhorn Erosion formations Bernese Alps Plaine Morte Sion with airport Swiss Alps Cloudy Alps Lac de Moiry Matterhorn, Dent Blanche Matterhorn Zinalrothorn Gorner glacier Matterhorn Matterhorn Fog sea Ski slope Laghi delle Cime Bianchee Matterhorn summit Matterhorn summit Station Schwarzsee Findeln glacier Dufourspitze Matterhorn Cloud on mountain summit Cloud on mountain summit Alps with clouds Stalden Mountain summit above clouds Mountain Niesen with Lake Thun Swiss Alps Jungfrau Summit Wetterhorn Jungfrau Summit Swiss Alps Mystery Park, Interlaken Thun Sigriswilgrat Lake Gerzen Colorful autumn forest Rockwell Commander at Bern Belp Pilot Pilot Airport Bern Belp Alps with sunset Sunset Swiss in the mist Sunset