Two weeks dive safari on the boat NAI'A cruising around the islands of Fiji. The reefs around the main island Viti Levu are very fine. Wonderful reefs with many colourful hard and soft corals. We even saw humpback whales but they were not interested in diving with us. Have also a look at the pictures I shot above water. First we booked a ten day humpback whale safari in Tonga on this boat and planned the whole trip around it. But then the NA'A did not get a permission for 2010 from the government of Tonga. Instead they offered a two week explorer tour around the Lau group in the east of Fiji. Last year Humpback whale sightings were reported there. Not so long time ago there were a lot of humpback whales around Fiji. But then they got hunted and either extinct or moved to Tonga where they didn't get killed. In January 2010 a strong cyclone crossed the Lau group and destroyed a lot of reefs. We've seen the rubble. Other reefs are almost dead due to coral bleaching and covered with algae. There are also not many fish around Lau. The more distant from the main island, the more Korean and Japanese ships are fishing illegally there. August 7 to 29, 2010, 133 photos.

Coral Reef Anthias Soft Coral Scorpionfish Feather Seastar Cavern Many Colorful Fish Gorgony Gorgony with Sandra Coral with Fish Clarks Anemonefish Gorgony Cavern with Softcorals Lionfish Corals with Sea Goldies Yellow Softcoral Feather Seastar Hardcoral Reeftop Gorgonies Corals with Divers Soft Corals Feather Seastars Gorgonies Gorgonies Coral Hind Nudibranch Longnose Hawkfish Phyllidia varicosa Flabellina Barracudas Barracudas Fish Factory Corals Bluespotted Stingray Coral Block Underwater Landscape Gorgony Sandra Clarks Anemonenfisch Pufferfish with Louse Baby Cuttlefish Flatworm Snail Crayfish Small Crocodilefish Smal Crocodilefish Scorpionfish Kauri Snail Crab Coral Fish Shrimps Shrimp Shell Heart Fish Shrimp Orange spotted filefish Scorpionfish Octopus Hermit Crab Sea Urchin Flatworm Sea Star Christmas Tree Worm Christmas Tree Worms Anemone Fish Whitetip Reefshark Butterfly Fish Fish Swarm Emperor Angelfish Whitetip Reef Shark Rubble Field Destroyed Reef Leopard Shark 1 Leopard Shark 2 Longnose butterfly fish Orange spotted filefish Scythe Triggerfish Sandra Gorgony Sandra with Glory Sun above Arch Sandra in Current Swarm Jackfish Barracudas Divebreak Barracudas Fish Swarm Sharpnose Toby Pufferfish Hawkfish Blenny Brittle Star Longnose Hawkfish Scorpionfish Blenny Jackfish Cleaning Shrimp Grouper Grey Reef Sharks Grey Reef Shark Fish Swarm Yellow Scroll Coral Yellow Scroll Coral with surgeon fish Gorgony Gorgony Humpback whale Humpback whale False cleanerfish Fire Dartfish Goby with pistol shrimp Spottail Dartfish Lobster Grey Reef Shark Fish Swarm Yellow Scroll Coral with Sun Algae and dead corals Table coral Horn coral Fish swarm White tip reef shark White tip reef shark Clown Triggerfish Clark's Anemonenfish Blue spotted stingray Humpback whales Humpback whales Anemone fish Soft corals Stone corals Anemones Reef top GPS Track