Negros, Philippines

These pictures were made during 25 dives on the southeast coast of the Philippine island Negros and the neighbouring Apo and Siquijor Island. We stayed 13 days at the El Dorado Beach Resort, listened to the all-day sound of neighbour's fighting cock and dived with Sea Explorers. The dive sites were very interesting and included walls, coral gardens, sand, seagrass meadows and wrecks. I used a Nikon Coolpix 990 digital camera in a UK Germany case and a Subtronic Gamma strobe. See also the pictures made by my dive buddy Roli Barmettler. January 1 to 25, 2004, 143 photos.

Scorpionfish Phyllodesmium Kabiranum Coral Polyps Decorator Crab Hermit Crab Nembrotha Lineolata Pufferfish Christmas tree worm Dwarf Lion Fish Sea Cucumber Brain Coral Ghost Pipefish Pteraeolidia ianthina Pseudoceros Scintillatus Barrel Clownfishes Sea Cucumber Gorgony Sea Snake Black Frog Fish Green Pufferfish Seagrass Pipefish Tube Sponges Feather Stars Scorpionfish Sea Turtle Coral Biotop Coral Fishes Flounder Flounder Seahorse Flatworm Sea Squirt Moray Eel Christmas Tree Worm 1 Skunk Anemonefish Murder Shell Puffer Fish Commensal Shrimp Coral Surface Shell in Coral Christmas Tree Worms 2 Christmas Tree Worm 3 Dusky Anemone Fish Lizardfish Batfish Snail Shell Damselfishes Clownfish Lionfish Multibar Pipefish White-eyed Moray Eel Shrimp Dragonet Banded Cleaning Shrimp Sand Diver Tongue Fish Sea Feather Eel Catfish Eye Imitation Pufferfish Peacock Grouper Pufferfish Phyllidia Varicosa Blue-fin travelly Bigeye Travellies Coral Twig Royal Angelfish Moorish Idol Fish Nembrotha Milleri Lionfish Sponges Sea Turtle Sea Turtle Sea Turtle Fish over Tentacles Nembrotha Kubaryana Ghost Crab Hawkfish Lionfish Moray Eel Thecacera Picta Melibe Mirifica Baby Lionfish Green Fish Fish Green Seahorse Seahorse Partner Goby and Shrimp Chromodoris reticultata Commensal Shrimp Banded boxer shrimps Sweepers Black Anglerfish Fimbriated Moray Sand Dunes Jackfish Unicorn Fish Bluespotted Stingray Bluespotted Stingray Goatfish Yellow Ribbon Sweetlipfish Fish Swarm Sepia Fish Hairy Frogfish Hairy Frogfish Hairy Frogfish Snail Lyre Fish Baby Sepia Sand diver Nudibranch Sand diver Cockatoo waspfish Nudibranches Ship Wreck Decorator Crab Ship Wreck Ship Wreck Sea Urchins Fish Filefish Anemone Family Portrait Porcelain Crab Coral reef Snappers Red Snapper Harlequin Sweetlip Reef Garden Eels Scorpionfish Spiral coral Aspidontus taeniatus Lionfish Two Gobys Underwater reef scene Chromodoris quadricolor Ribbon Eel Anemone Decorator Crab Sand Diver Razor Wrasse