Sabang, Philippines

Two and a half week diving with Cocktail Divers in Sabang in the north of the Philippine island Mindoro. The dive base belongs to the Garden of Eden Resort and offers three dives plus a night dive per day. The dive excoursions are made with small wooden motor boats for maximum 10 people. The ride to the dive site takes about 5-30 minutes. There also are day trips with traditional Banca ships. Sabang can be reached from Manila by a 2.5 bus and a 1.5 boat ride. November 5 to 17, 2009, 168 photos.

Chromodoris willani Juvenile Fish Necklace Seastar Anemone fisches Young Anemone Fish Wart slug Anemone fishes Anemone fishes Ghost pipefish Nudibranch Sea cucumber White tip reef shark Porcelain crab Mantis shrimp Partner shrimps Cleaning wrasse Anemone fish Pipe fish False cleaning wrasse Black frogfish Hawkfish Blue dragon Razorfish 1 Razorfish 2 Razorfish 2 Hermit crab Nudibranch A sea slug of family Chromodorididae (or chromodorids Hermit crab Three Mandarin Fish Two Mandarin Fish Three Mandarin Fish Mandarin Fish Decorator Crab Flat Crab Puffer Fish Barrel Sponge Plate Coral Reef Top Mantis Shrimp Partner Shrimp Anemone Fish Baby Cylinder Rose Trigger Fish Juvenile Dragon Wrasse 1 Juvenile Dragon Wrasse 2 Pavel Gorgony Anthias Gorgony Corals Feeding Orgy St. Scubadus Reef Top Reef Top Barrel Sponge Lion Fish Nudibranch Reef Scene Bat Fish Cargo Bay Bat Fish Snapper Mast Puffer Fish Eye Lizard Fish Jaw Fish Goby Nudibranch Nudibranch Neon slug Wart slug Bat Fish Bat Fish Coral Catfish Coral Catfish Coral Catfish Razor Wrasse Snake Eel Mantis Shrimp Sea urchin Gurnard Gurnard Gurnard Pufferfish Sea Turtle Sea Turtle Greyface Moray Eel Scorpion Fish Mandarin Fish Bobtail Squid 1 Bobtail Squid 1 Snowflake Moray Eel StargazerA whitemargin stargazer (lat. Uranoscopus sulphureus Stargazer Stargazer Goby with Pistol Shrimp Coral Fish Coral Fish Moray Eel Black Frogfish Swarm of Coral Catfish Blotcheye Soldierfish Lionfish Scorpionfish Network Pipefish Juvenile Oriental Sweetlip Giant Clam Stone Coral Table Coral Table Coral Frogfish Frogfish Mandarin Fish Mandarin Fish Mandarin Fish Pyjama Slug Brittle Star in Soft Coral Tube Worm Nosestripe Anemonefish Butterflyfish Long-nosed Butterflyfish Anthias Females Black-backed Butterflyfish Anthias Male Blenny Goby with Pistol Shrimp Long-spine Porcupinefish Clownfish Clownfish Family Tube Anemone Swimming Crab Shrimp with Eggs Sole Sole Young Lionfish Frogfish Juvenile Lionfish Sole Scorpionfish Hermit Crab Pufferfish Perches Pufferfish Christmas Tree Worm Network Pipefish Sea Snake Ship Wreck Bat Fish Sea Stars Ship's Keel Coral Catfish Boat Wreck Lionfish Lionfish Box Crab Crab Bristle Worm Brittle Star Shrimp House with Antenna Razorfish Moray Eel Hermit Crab Ghost Pipefish Pygmy Seahorse Pygmy Seahorse Octopus Christmastree Worm Ghost Pipefish