Brothers/Daedalus, Egypt

One week dive safari on the safari boat Heaven Harmony of Divers Heaven Fleet, starting at Port Ghalib close to Marsa Alam and then heading Brothers Islands, Daedalus Reef and Elphinstone Reef. Interestint dive sites where one can see hammerhaead sharks, but unfortunately we were not alone. Sometimes there was a dozen safari boats at the same spot, each with 20-30 divers, mostly russian. Sometimes one could not see the reef due to too many bubbles in the water. The zodiacs on the water surface made a big noise under water. If there were big fish, they had all gone during this circus. Once I sa w a hammerhead shark slowly passing by underneath my at a wall. Shortly after it swam rapidly in the opposite direction, hunted by a pack russian divers. Unfortunately I also had a slight cold and in the middle of the week my underwater case of the camera leaked. Luckily only the TTL electronics got damaged. Here's my article in Taucher Revue (german only). November 12 to 21, 2011, 38 photos.

Grouper Surgeonfish Anthias Wreck SS Numidia Wreck SS Aida Frogdiver Moray Eel Cornetfish Anthias Soft corals on whip coral Coral hind Red Sea sailfin tang Soldier Fish Lion Fish Anemone Fish Anemone Fish Giant Shell Butterfly Fish What are you looking at? Gorgony Anemone City Anemones Anemones Wall Divers on Wall Reef full of Divers Barracuda Swarm Barracuda Swarm Barracuda Swarm Duck your heads! Divetime Blue spotted Stingray Diver Silhouette Diver Silhouette Red Sea Bannerfish Stingray on Sand Deco Stop Ship Course