Fig. 20: Can you see the water drops on this picture. That was the last one before the flash started getting crazy and I noticed water in the camera case. At the end of the dive there was about a mug full of water inside. Luckily I had the dome port and fisheye lens, so there was enough space around the camera. Only the TTL converter electronics got damaged. Camera and lens were dry and survived. In the meantime I have removed the TTL converter entirely and used only the tree pins (trigger, ready, ground) from the flash. TTL never worked reliably because neither on the camera nor on the strobe the +/- intensity could be adjusted. — Nikon D200, Daedalus Reef, Red Sea, 15 November 2011 Nikon D200; Δt=1/250 s; f=15 mm; f/6.3; ISO 200; 15 November 2011 10:15:38