South Tour, Egypt

Shown here are the pictures made duringa one week dive safari from 20 to 27 september 2012 on the Heaven Saphir from Divers Heaven Fleet together with DiveZone. On the tour we visited the south of Egypt. Unfortunately I had ear problems and couldn't make all dives. The best was that the boat crew managed to go to the dive spots on times where there mostly no boats. That's fun diving! September 21 to 27, 2012, 121 photos.

Check-Dive Heaven Saphir Coral Blocks Coral Block with Diver Coral Formation with Anemone Fish Fire Corals Anemone Anemone Paparazzo Canyon Canyon Cave Anemone Fish Napoleon Napoleon Big Smile Soft Coral Cave Diver with Light Beams Tricks of Light Overhang Banner Fish Coral Block Fire Coral with Sun Dive Buddy with Slave Strobes Coral Block with Goldies Pufferfish Parrotfish Lionfish Lionfish Feather Seastar Pyjama Nudibranch Shrimp Huh? Gorgony Ehrenberg's Snapper Gorgony with Diver Bluespotted Stingray Coral Block with Bannerfish Hi President Skroob! Coral Block with Anemone Coral Block Coral Blocks with Divers Fire Coral Coral Block with Divers Diver Anemone and Clownfish Coral Block Snorkeling Anemone Sea Turtle Lionfish Lionfish Pufferfish Hermit Crab Seastar Nudibranch Basket Star Anemones Corals with Diver Ehrenberg's Snapper Diver with Strobe Prima Ballerina Diver Butterflyfish Two Divers Softcoral Divers on Reeftop Divers at Caveentry Divers in Cave Divers in Cave Divers in Cave Firecorals Cave Entry Divers in Canyon Divers in Canyon Superman in Canyon Corals at Cave Ceiling Fish Fish Sea Goldies Fish Anemonefish Anemonefish Blenny Goby Bluespotted Stingray Goby with Shrimp Lizardfish Goby with Shrimp Fish Glassfish on Coral Glassfish on Coral Butterflyfish Fish Coral Hind Fish Emperor Fish Fish Goby with Shrimp and Excavator Goby with Shrimp and Excavator Goby with Shrimp and Excavator Pufferfish Pufferfish Yellow Goatfish Yellow Goatfish Yellow Goatfish Yellow Goatfish Dishes Triggerfish Sole Stonefish Stonefish Pipefish Pipefish Pipefish Crocodilefish Crocodilefish Eye Anemonefish Goby Underwater Volcano Sand Eel Safari 2012