South-Ari Atoll, Maldives

These pictures have been made using a Sea & Sea DX-8000G, in most cases with a 0.6x wideangle converter. I decided to let my big Hugyfot underwater housing for the Nikon D200 and the Hartenberger strobe at home, because I had problems with my back and don't wanted to carry so many baggage. That's why these pictures aren't not so sharp and colorful as other pictures. I also made a little movie and processed the video squences with Apple iMovie.

There are now some diving restrictions by the government due to the many diving accidents on the Maldives: Diving below 30m is not allowed and for every dive depth, time and air consumption must be protocolized. Unfortunately after one week my camera got flooded. That's why there are no pictures of mantas and the whale shark. :-( November 14 to 19, 2007, 56 photos.

Sting ray Trigerfish swarm Triggerfish swarm Mirela Napoleon Fish swarm Scorpion fish Bat fishes Bat fishes Blue striped snapper Anemone fish Anemone fish Anemone fish Boarding Sea star Shrimp Anemonen Zwei Rotfeuerfüsche Seestern auf Seegurke Canyon Canyon mit Mirela Riffformationen Stachelrochen Muräne Meeresschildkröte Gorgonie Grotte Drachenkopf Fledermausfisch Riffdach Bogen Anemonenfisch Doktorfisch Selbstportrait Fish swarm Octopus Weissspitzen-Riffhai Mirela Fish swarm Meeresschildkröte Muräne Two divers Sicherheitsstop Aufgetaucht Gorgony with corals Stachelrochen Stachelrochen Gorgonie Gorgony Meeresschildkröte Meeresschildkröte Schildkröte mit Mirela Riffkante mit Schildkröte Meeresschildkröte Muräne Muräne