The Sun

Sunsets and sunrises are famous and atmospheric sujets. Solar eclipses are very fascinating. If you had the luck to see one total solar eclipse live you know what I am talking about. The pictures here can only represent a small part of the real impression. I have seen three total solar eclipses (1999 in France, 2002 in Australia and 2006 in Turkey) and many partial eclipses. Partial eclipses are a specially nice sujet if they occur while sunrise or sunset. See pictures of the eclipses in the album Solar Eclipses. February 1991 to August 2012, 15 photos.

Glowing Treetops Sunset Sunset Sunset with dead Tree Sunset Sunset Sunset with Fata Morgana No airplane crossing sun Flying into the sun Sunset Sunset refraction Airplane crossing sun Sun Protuberance Sunset Sun Spots