Only four photos during a three week vacation on the Philippines? That's because we stayed almost all the time in our tourists reservation (El Dorado Beach Resort on Negros). The most photos were made under water because neither the landscape nor the city Dumaguete were very targets I like and I had a bad feeling taking pictures of people who could work all their life and even then not have enough money to buy the camera that would have shot them. Crazy world! January 2004 to November 2009, 31 photos.

Fishing People Fishing Boat Beach Sunrise Boat Beam Evening at Sea Sunset with Clouds Boats in Harbour Boat Sabang Harbour Sabang Beach Working Men in Water Sabang Lagoon Harbour Promenade Houses in Sabang Boats in Water Boats in the Bay Jetty Low Tide La Laguna Beach Club Smoking Palms Big La Laguna Garden of Eden Dusk Mood with Boat Sabang Motorboat Coast Evening in Sabang It's getting Dark Glowing Palms Sabang at Night