Tarifa, Spain

The pictures in this album have been made between 2005 and 2015 in Tarifa and the Strait of Gibraltar during a one week course about whale and dolphin observation of the Swiss foundation FIRMM. Thanks to Katharina Heyer and all who are working for this project. I can highly recommend this experience. May 2005 to June 2012, 110 photos.

Fishing Boats in Harbour Anchor Mediterranean Tidelands Military Fort Atlantic Coast Mediterranean Tidal Zone Don't Shit Here! Wall Painting Flowers Main Square Alley Alley Old Door	Alley	Door House Fountain Head Fishing Boats in Harbour	Ship Wrecks in Harbour	Seagull Bollard in Harbour Boat of FIRMM Coast	Harbour Gateway Alley	Market Hall Fish Market Fishing Boats in Harbour Carving Bug on Flower Refugees from Morocco image200505-d70-4281.jpg Safeguard Refugees from Morocco Refugees from Morocco Refugees from Morocco Refugees from Morocco Refugees from Morocco Red Cross Packets El Tarifa Jet Seagull Footprints in Sand Barnacles Cockle Shell Salty Bee Fishing Net TV Antennas Castle Mediterranean Sea Coast Castle Dusty TV Antenna Twig with Seaview Harbour Anchor Fishermen Mediterranean Bay Atlantic Beach Sailing Boat El Tarifa Jet Engine Trouble Wind Surfer		Wind Surfer	Wind Surfer Wind Surfer Wind Surfer Splash! Wind Surfer Harbour Gateway Roofs Reading in Harbour Sand Storm at Levante Network Support Castle Alley Palm Pole Fountain Seagull Smiley in the sand Fins on the beach Ruins Kite Surfer Kite Surfer Kite Surfer Kite Surfer Sailing Boats Fences on Beach Mediterranean Sea Bay Kite Surfer Santo and Fisherman Tarifa Jet and Santo Almadraba Atlantic Beach El Santo Tarifa and Moses Mountain Surge Wind Wheels Isla de las Palomas FIRMM Harbour Office Harbour Promenade Boarding Please Whalewatching Tourists Hello Kitty Stairs Houses Beach Gangway Atlantic Beach Mediterranean Beach Beach with Castle