Lake Lucerne

Usually the visibility in Lake Lucerne is better than in Lake Zurich. Despite of its bigger size there are less dive sites because access to the lake is not possible (rock or private ground). The best dive sites are Weggis-Vitznau, Hergiswil and Beckenried, where is a sunken conveyor sistems from the time where the Seelisberg tunnel was built. May 2006 to August 2019, 111 photos.

Pollywogs Spawn with Pollywogs Perch with Pollywogs Lobster Perch Zebra mussels Pike Perch Pike Perch Pike Perch Garden Chair Eglis in branches Swarm Egli Tree stub Pollywogs Sun beams Diver Diver with Lamp Two Techdiver Two Techdiver Shark Swimmer Tree Pumpkin Young Perches Perches in Branches Perches in Sunlight Diver Buoyancy Perch swarm Diver with Flex Disc Perches on the Ground Two Divers Diver Down Under Diver Garden dwarf Bad visibility Belt conveyor 1 Belt conveyor 2 Lighting up a perch Split view with diver Tree from beneath Same tree from beneath Perch in spotlight Pike Perch Swarm Perch Swarm Seagrass Meadow Mountain Diving Longear-Divers Pike Pike Pike Pike Perch Perch Perch Rudd Cliff diving Cliff diving Diver with rocks Sunlight through Trees Zebra mussels Zebra mussels Hydra Dreissena polymorpha Insect larva Snail Snail on underwater plant Snail on a Brick Young Pike Perch Mussles Perch Portrait Two perches Burbot Toads spawning Loving Toads Frog Spawn Toads having sex Snail Toad Toad portrait Toad with spawn Toad portrait Pollywogs Toad spawn Spawning toads Toads backpack 1 Toads backpack 2 Toad Hydrae Freshwater Polyps Young burbot Lots of hydrae Perch Perch Perch Help a Torpedo Underwater Tuba Diver with SMB Sidemount Toddy Sidemount Xdeep Sidemount Xdeep Perch Perch Perch Perch Six Perches