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Ice Crystals Fir Twig Lake Wägital Lake Wägital

Solar Eclipses

Total Solar Eclipse 2002 Total Solar Eclipse 2002 Total Solar Eclipse 2002 Total Solar Eclipse 2002


Bachtel Bachtel


Three Marmots


Tree trunk Diver Water surface Grinded rocks Sunbeam in canyon Bullhead Underwater rocks Under rock Young fish

St. Gallen


Lanzarote, Canary Islands

Arrieta Lagoon Lagoon Boat Graciosa Salinas del Rio Cliffs Dunes La Geria Two Palms Two Palms La Geria Car Wreck Peña del Silvo Playa de Famara Plains Los Valles Parque Eolicode Risco de las Nieves Lonely palm Haria Haria Haria Haria A Palm Tree Straight Road La Geria Salinas de Janubio Salinas de Janubio Lava stream Lava stream Two palm trees Timanfaya No pictures allowed Salinas de Janubio Salinas de Janubio Salinas de Janubio Salinas de Janubio Salinas de Janubio Waves Playa Blanca Los Hevideros Plains Puddle Malpaís de la Corona Cliffs Big waves Waves Kois Parrot

Australia (2002)

Fata Morgana Highway Yoga Seagull Seagull over Beach Footprint Coffin Bay National Park Cliff Shingleback Skink Yangie Bay Port Lincoln Dead Wood Parrots on Meadow Pin Wheel Seagull Ceduna Jetty Eclipse Tourists Solar Eclipse Solar Eclipse Solar Eclipse Solar Eclipse Steppe Salt Lake Salt Lake Seagulls Kangaroo Emu Emu Parakeet Parrot in Prison Ducklings Kangaroo Feeding Wallaby Kangaroo Black Swan Goose Turkey Eagle Flinders Chase National Park Admirals Arch Waves Seals Seals Kelly Hill Caves Kelly Hill Caves Kelly Hill Caves Kelly Hill Caves Little Sahara Santa Claus Giant Koala Waterfall in Grampians National Park Grampians National Park Grampians National Park Lake Bellfield Grampians National Park Kookaburra McKenzie Falls McKenzie Falls McKenzie Falls McKenzie Falls McKenzie Falls Rock Formations South Coast Sun Beams Twelve Apostels Twelve Apostels Fata Morgana Pin Wheel Sheeps Pelicans Pelicans Parakeets Parkes Observatory Ibis Pelicanes Rhinoceros Water Buffalo Sleeping Koala Koala Bear Birds Kangaroos Dust Road Anglo-Australian Telescope Apsley Falls Apsley Falls Hawkesbury Paddlewheeler Poles Sydney Harbour Bridge Sydney Sydney Skyline Sydney Skyline Sydney Sky Scraper Sydney Chinese Garden Chinese Garden, Sydney Chinese Garden, Sydney Church in Sydney Sydney Sky Scrapers Little Garden Glebe Island Bridge

Velavaru, Maldives

Beach Crab Ships on the Sea Palms Hermit Crab Beach Crab Hermit Crab Palm Beach Palm Beach Pump House Waterplane Reception Hall Cocos Palm Footprints in Sand Saltwater Bubbles Fruits Reception Pier Water Airplaine Crabs Crow Sunset Blacktip Reef Shark Beach Palms with Umbrella Sunset Sunset Windless Surfing Crow Sunset Cloud Cedric with Kite Rainy Day Palm Sunset Freight Ship Harbour Freight Ship

South-Nilandhe Atoll, Maldives

Pygmy goby Oriental sweetlips Indian parrotfish Clark's anemonefish Goby Leather coral Yellowhead butterflyfish Parrotfish Spiral tube worm Sea cucumber Anthiadinae Gorgony Shell Clown triggerfish Black corals Glass fish Anemone fish Lion fish Red Husar Soldier fish Surgeon fish Glass fish Chromodoris gleniei Shell in coral A lion fish Giant blue shell Giant brown shell Hirn coral Lion fish Leather coral Anemone Fusiliers Red snappers Blackspotted pufferfish Sponge on coral Coral reef Big shell Fish in coral Longnose hawkfish Grouper Hawkfish Anemones Lobster 1 Lobster 2 Soft coral Fish swarm Anemonefish Sea star Lizardfish Sandperch Peacock mantis shrimp Feather sea stars Sea star Giant moray eel Moorish idols Trigger fish Anemone fish in anemone Anemones Puffer fish Trumpet fish Blue jewel grouper Barracuda Napoleon fish Moray Napoleon Blue striped snappers File fish Pipe fish Sea star Masked porcupinefish Bluefin trevally Yellow-edged moray Soft coral Sea turtle Two sea turtles Fish swarm Scorpionfish Blotched fantail ray Giant pufferfish

Lake Sils

Dead Tree Bubbles Coach Wreck Juvenile Fish Rocks Underwater Plants with Algae Underwater Plants with Algae Tree Stub Underwater Plants

Tenerife, Canary Islands

Hotel Tower Colorful Houses Colorful Houses Landscape Fog Cover Garachico Erosion Sunset Hiking Path Flower Debris Seven Up


Fish Feeding Many Fish Sea Urchin Underwater Landscape Stingray Feeding Atlantic Stingray Lizard Fish Sepia Starfish Anemones Fire Worm The Rock Goatfish Sepia Flat Crab Trumpet Fish Starfish Scorpionfish Anemone Scorpionfish Anemones Sponges with Mussels Atlantic Stingray Atlantic Stingray Atlantic Stingray Stingrays Anemones Butterfly Ray Tiger Moray Blenny Eagle Stingray Moray Eel Flat Crab Hermit Crab