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Milky Way with Clouds

Solar Eclipses

Total Solar Eclipse 2006


Thunderstorm above Baden Thunderstorm in central Switzerland Thunderstorm in central Switzerland Lightning Lightnings Lightnings Some lightnings Many lightnings




Tube Sponge Soft coral Stingray Soft coral Soft coral with trumpet fish Trumpetfish Snapper Selfie Fish on coral Trumpetfish Eye Floe Lobster Shrimp with eggs Frogfish White-spotted snake eel Tubeworm Blenny Butterfly fish Caribbean reef squid Caribbean reef squid Seahorses Seahorses Boxfish Moray eel Stingray Stingray Shrimp Young scorpionfish Scorpionfish Lobster Moray eel Nudibranch Moray eel White-spotted snake eel Lancelet Ghost Crab Dragon head Superior Producer Wreck Superior Producer Wreck Superior Producer Wreck Superior Producer Wreck Superior Producer Wreck Rings of air under the pier Corals in the harbour Flatcrab Crab Lancet Ghost Crab Hermit crab Crab with shrimp in anemone Big crab Octopus Scorpionfish Scorpionfish Moray eel Sea Turtle Sea Turtle Tube sponge Coral reef Sea Turtle Sea turtle

Lake Lucerne

Perch Perch Perch Perch Six Perches

Lake Marmorera

Tree stump Tunnel Streambed wall Streambed wall Streambed wall Streambed wall Streambed wall Dunes Rocks Selfie Bridge Bridge Bridge Yet another selfie Steel beam with stones Sun beams over rubble Rocks Gully cover on sunken path

Lake Zug

Pike search image Hubcap on tree School of juveniles Young fish with branch Branches overgrown with shells Sunken Tree Sun on the cliff Branches with underwater plants Young fish Young pike among underwater plants Young pike in underwater plants Young pike with underwater plants

Lake Zurich

Intake pipe Pedalo wreck Tree under water Trees Fallen tree A selfie in the mirror Dori Pile of stones Selfie Jetty with ladder Pump house from below Intake pipe Underneath the pump house Pipe socket Underwater plants in the sunshine Intake pipe Pikes Pike Seagrass Sunfish Under the pump house Sunfish Sunfish Sunfish Sunfish Sunfish Seagrass Swarm of perches


Ducks Lemur Ibis Bird taking a shower Red bird

Tarifa, Spain (2019)

Pilot whale mother with young Baby Pilot Whale Baby pilot whale Sperm whale fluke Bottlenose dolphin on bow wave Epic Barbados Leaping Striped Dolphins Leaping striped dolphins with fuel tanks Bottlenose dolphin on bow wave Spyhopping young pilot whale Young Pilot Whale Spyhopping Moroccan Fishing Boats and Cargo Ship Three Moroccan fishermen in boat Jumping common dolphin Common dolphin with air bubbles Sperm whale fluke Sperm whale Sperm whale fluke Two bottlenose dolphins on bow wave Halki Young pilot whale looks from below Young pilot whale looks out of the water Mola Mola Cargo ship with smoke Container ship with smoke Sperm whale fluke Rust bucket with plume of smoke Two pilot whales Two pilot whales with rainbow Three pilot whales taking a breath Two pilot whales catching their breath Bottlenose dolphins taking a breath Moroccan fishermen with pilot whale Two pilot whales with water drops Young pilot whale Pilot whale belly Pilot whale rolling Jumping bottlenose dolphin Motor ship with brake sail Diving sperm whale with gulls Group of pilot whales with young Pilot whale spy hopping
2019-12-31Browser infos with geo-location
2019-11-22Pictures of diving holiday on Curaçao
2019-09-01Photo Milky Way with clouds at star party.
2019-08-25Photos of a dive in Lake Lucerne
2019-08-01Photos of a solo dive in Lake Marmorera
2019-07-26Photos of a solo dive in Lake Zug
2019-06-21Photos of a solo dive in Lake Zurich
2019-06-14Photos of a solo dive in Lake Zurich
2019-06-13New processed photo of the solar eclipse 2006
2019-04-19Photos of whale watching in Tarifa