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Orion and Matterhorn


Chämpt ravine Hirzel Pfaffenholz Hirzel

The Moon

Saturn occultation Moon


Heart Shell


Verzasca concrete dam Frasco Lago del Sambucco Valle Leventina


Sernf Valley Klausen Pass Sernf Valley Sernf Valley

The Sun



Belica Sun beams Maple leaf European chub Waterfall bubbels Barbel

St. Gallen

Bee Seagull Mountain Summit Mountain Ridge Mount Churfirsten Gonzen Wine Leaves Spider Cross Spider Busskirch Cows Tiny Twigs Mushrooms Mushrooms


Mountains Matterhorn Gornergrat Snowdrift Mountain Summit Mountain Ridge KOSMA Telescope Ropeway Station


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Petronas Twin Towers from TV Tower TV Tower Maxis Building Sky Scrapers


Dawn with Bats Strait of Lombok Komodo Island Bay Pindito Bat with Hole Island Crop Circles? Zodiac Zodiac Zodiacs Dolphins Komodo Waran Komodo Warans Komodo Waran Ferry Water Ski Bats Pindito

Chicago and Niagara Falls, USA

Lighthouse with Ships Lighthouse Skyline Waterfall Blue Canadians Skyline with Ship Navy Pier Waterfall Skyscrapers City Lights American Falls Canyon Grant Park Fountain Waterfall Sears Tower Navy Pier Panorama Adler Planetarium Sears Tower American Falls Fountain at Night Balloon Skyline at Night Downtown Dusk Casino Tower Waterfall Dropoff Hilton Canyon Sears Tower Towers in the Mist Rainbow Bridge Tower Harbor Downtown Seagull on Trunk Waterfall Rainbow Bridge Trunk Skyscrapers Downtown Skyscrapers at Night Adler Planetarium Waterfall Seagull Buoy Waterfall Horseshoe Falls La Salle Street Waterfall Fountain at Night Rainbow Downtown Waterfall Waterfall Airplanes Maid in the Mist Boats