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Sarnen from Glaubenbergpass Stargazers at Hotel Langis


Sunset Chämpt ravine 5 Chämpt ravine 1 Purification plant Bäretswil Chämpt ravine 4 Chämpt ravine 2 Tracks Chämpt ravine 3

Strait of Gibraltar

Freight Ship with Smoke Sperm Whale Sperm Whale Pilot Whale Jumping Bottlenose Dolphin Bottlenose Dolphin Dophins on Bow Wave Warship Common Dolphins on Bow Wave Bottlenose Dolphin Pilot Whale Baby Pilot Whale Backstroke Katharina Heyer and FIRMM Seagulls Sperm Whale

The Moon

Moon Crescent Moon Sickle and Fishing Boat


Bee wax candle Milk Drops Milk Drops Milk Drops Water Whirl Water Drops Gummi Bears Water Drops Water Drops


Ronco sopra Ascona Ronco sopra Ascona Ronco sopra Ascona Ronco sopra Ascona Ronco sopra Ascona Ronco sopra Ascona Ronco sopra Ascona Ronco sopra Ascona Ronco sopra Ascona Ronco sopra Ascona Ronco sopra Ascona


Chur 7 Chur 8 Würth Town Hall, Chur Well Lake Cresta Icicles Snow Crystals

The Sun

Sunset with Fata Morgana

Tarifa, Spain

Network Support Mediterranean Sea Coast Castle Castle Harbour Gateway El Tarifa Jet Fishermen Reading in Harbour TV Antennas Twig with Seaview Sailing Boat Wind Surfer Harbour Anchor Wind Surfer Roofs Sand Storm at Levante Wind Surfer	Wind Surfer		Wind Surfer Atlantic Beach Splash! Wind Surfer Mediterranean Bay Dusty TV Antenna Engine Trouble Fishing Net Salty Bee Cockle Shell Barnacles Footprints in Sand Seagull El Tarifa Jet Red Cross Packets Refugees from Morocco Refugees from Morocco Refugees from Morocco Refugees from Morocco Refugees from Morocco Safeguard image200505-d70-4281.jpg Refugees from Morocco Bug on Flower Carving Bollard in Harbour Mediterranean Tidal Zone Market Hall Old Door	Don't Shit Here! Boat of FIRMM Fishing Boats in Harbour House Military Fort Main Square Anchor Fish Market Coast	Alley	Atlantic Coast Wall Painting Fishing Boats in Harbour Fountain Head Alley Alley Fishing Boats in Harbour	Alley	Harbour Gateway Ship Wrecks in Harbour	Door Seagull Mediterranean Tidelands Flowers

St. Gallen

Rapperswil Rapperswil Castle Swan


Mosque Coloured Canyon Coloured Canyon Sinai Desert Dusk Elevator Tower Jeeps Sinai Desert Coloured Canyon Coloured Canyon Coloured Canyon Coloured Canyon Coloured Canyon Coloured Canyon Sunset Coloured Canyon Coloured Canyon Coloured Canyon Sharm at Night Coloured Canyon Acacia Coloured Canyon

Flight Glarus & Central Switzerland

Lake Klöntal Pilatus 2 Restaurant Rigi Kulm Hotel Rapperswil, Lützelau, Ufenau Titlis 2 Pilatus 3 Mountain summits in sunset light Winter Landscape Rigi-Kulm 2 Lake Sihl Midlands with nuclear power plant Mürtschenstock Hazy Winter Landscape Lake Ägeri Great Mythen and Brunnen Wetzikon Preyenstrasse Slopes with Snow 2 Lake Sarnen Winter Landscape 3 Pilatus and Lucerne Above the mountains Rigi-Scheidegg 2 Firn 2 Slopes with Snow 1 Pilatus 1 Stream with obstructions Rigi-Kulm Sunset Mood Titlis 1 Rigi-Kulm 3 Lake Sempach with KKW Gösgen Airport Triengen Winter Landscape Linth Plains Rigi-Scheidegg 1 Einsiedeln Firn 1 Rigi-Scheidegg with Mythen Top station Titlis Zürcher Oberland, Lake Zurich Sisikon Sempach

Miscellaneous Aerial Photos

Lake Zug, Cham Lake Zug

Aerial Photos Alps Valais

Swiss Alps Matterhorn summit Swiss in the mist Gorner glacier Bernese Alps Fog sea Station Schwarzsee Plaine Morte Matterhorn, Dent Blanche Jungfrau Summit Swiss Alps Foothills of the Alps Matterhorn Niesen with Lake Thun Wetterhorn Cloud on mountain summit Sigriswilgrat Sunset Foothills of the Alps Mountain summit above clouds Lake Gerzen Laghi delle Cime Bianchee Niesen Alps with sunset Pilot Pilot Swiss Alps Matterhorn Mystery Park, Interlaken Cloudy Alps Matterhorn Bernese Alps Stockhorn and Gantrisch Wildhorn Sion with airport Alps with clouds Matterhorn Jungfrau Summit Rockwell Commander at Bern Belp Mountain Cloud on mountain summit Napf area Airport Bern Belp Zinalrothorn Cloud formations Gantrisch Sunset Plaine Morte Colorful autumn forest Lac de Moiry Ski slope Swiss Alps Findeln glacier Thun Matterhorn summit Dufourspitze Thun with Aare Stalden Lake Amsolding Mountain Thun Erosion formations

El Hierro, Canary Islands

Lava Field Trees in the Mist Valverde Lava Field Moon Crescent La Restinga Dragonfly Valverde Valverde Lava Field Valverde Church Forest in the Mist Fog Line Promenade La Restinga Volcanic Cone Valverde Street Waves around Rocks La Restinga Harbour Forest in the Mist Church at Frontera Trees in the Mist La Restinga Moon Crescent and Boat Sunset Forest in the Mist Crane Scoop El Golfo La Restinga Sunset Volcanic Cone Milky Way and Venus Valverde Lava Field La Restinga La Restinga

Optimist Regatta on Lake Pfäffikon

Skipper D Skipper P Skipper P Skipper D Briefing Skipper D Girl Boy Briefing Return Skipper P Sailing Boats Skipper T and Skipper D S with Skipper D Boy Braking Skipper D Skipper D Oops!

Raja Ampat, Indonesia

Beat Manta Fish Soup Manta Black Manta Manta Black Manta Black Manta Black Manta with Beat Manta with Remora Reef with Current Coral Reef Pipefish Headshield Slugs Razorfish Flatworm Nudibranch Nudibranch Seasnake Seastar Triplespot blenny Coral Reeef Pygmy Seahorse Pygmy Seahorse Harlequin Ghost Pipefish False Cleaning Wrasse Lionfish Pipefish Sepia Mantis Shrimp Mantis Shrimp Sea Slug Lionfish Wart Slug Lobster Coral Goby Lionfish Partner Shrimps Emperorfish Mappa Pufferfish Anchovis Fischlouse Barracuda Rain from below Clown triggerfish Glassfish Yellow Banded Lipfish Sand Perch Flatworm Trumpetfish Giant Trigggerfish Elongate surgeonfishes Elongate surgeonfishes Elongate surgeonfishes Fusiliers Clownfish Sea Slug Flatworm Whip Coral Lobster Spotted Hawkfish Pufferfish Coral Hind Lionfish 1 Oriental Sweetlip Softcoral and Feather Seastar Damselfishes Boring Clam Willan's Sea Slug Dwarf Hawkfish Dwarf Hawkfish Coral Goby Skunk anemone fish Barracudas Pennant fish Neon nudibranch Partner shrimp Red toot trigger fish Emperor angelfish Barrel sponge Tube sponges Stone coral Underwater scene Pygmy seahorse paparazzi Pygmy seahorse paparazzi Horn corals Pygmy Seahorse Fern Coral reef Table coral Coral reef Coral trees Three clownfish Bumphead bat fish Coral reef Swarm glass fish Dive up Spiral Tubeworms Anemone fish Giant Clam Soft corals Leather coral Gorgony Soft coral Zodiac down under


Sunset Kids on Ship Wreck Sunset Ships in Harbour Lagoon Fishing Boat Island Islands Sunset Sunset Islands Islands Islands Islands Lagoon Lagoon Sunset Diving Boat Sunset


Petronas Twin Towers Petronas Twin Towers Doves Petronas Twin Towers Petronas Twin Towers Petronas Twin Towers Shopping Mall Buildings Whale and Dolphins

Taipei, Taiwan

Taipei 101 Tower Temple Temple Taipei 101 Tower Taipei 101 Tower Alley Taipei 101 Tower Street Temple Roof