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Half Moon with Clouds Three Quarter Moon Airplane Crossing Moon Waxing Moon Full Moon Rising Full Moon Rising with Airplane Waxing half Moon Aircraft in Front of the Moon Aircraft in Front of the Moon


Flying Seagull Swan Cleaning Swan with Drops Brugg with Aare Bat Brugg at Dawn Brugg at Sunrise Waterfall Linn Fly on sage leaf Fly on wine leaf Ant with Lice Waterfall Linn Limmatspitz Stroppel Powerplant Stroppel Powerplant Dam Swan with Chicks and Highland Cows Swan with Chicks and Highland Cow Swan with Chicks Highland Cow Scratching Swan with Chicks Highland Calves Highland Cow in Water Church in Windisch


Gangway Brunnen Jetty Brunnen Ship Fronalpstock


Milky Way above Telescopes Milky Way above Light Pollution Milky Way above Tree


Glory with airplane shadow Double Rainbow Lightning Lightning Lightning Thunderstorm above Zurich




Mythen Treib-Seelisberg-Bahn Treib

Lake Lucerne

Lobster Cliff diving Cliff diving Perch

Lake Zug

Diver with Camera Underwater Photographer Crayfish DiveZone Sign Easter Egg found Another Easter Egg Diver Diver Crayfish


Swan with cygnet Great crested grebe Mallard duck Coot


Ferry with bench Badesti Nazi bunker on beach Nazi bunker on beach with lighthouse Sunset in Hirtshals Sunset in Hirtshals Nazi bunker in Hirtshals Lighthouse in Hirtshals Nyhavn, Kopenhagen Nyhavn, Kopenhagen Møns Klint Møns Klint Møns Klint Møns Klint


Making of Catfish in Rhine Napoleon before/after

Aare River

Clamshells Caddisfly Larva Caddisfly Larva


Catfish 1 Catfish 2 Catfish and Sun Under the Bridge Young Fish Divebuddy Below the Surface


Gypsy Place Tree Garden
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