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Lunar Eclipse 2007 Moon crescent Dark side of the moon Moon sickle Saturn Occultation Moon Craters Moon Craters Saturn occultation Moon crater Mare humorum, Tycho


Rigi Fogsea and Sunset Rigi Fogsea and Sunset Fogsea in Winter Rigi Fogsea and Sunset Rigi Fogsea and Sunset Rigi Fogsea and Sunset Great Mythen Fog over Lake Lucerne Bench with Sunset Afterglow


Light Pollution Telescope Meeting


Eclipse Cloud Sheet lightning Lightning Storm clouds Cirrus clouds


Mountain Stream Pippau Tree with Bench

Lake Lucerne

Pollywogs Spawn with Pollywogs Perch with Pollywogs Garden Chair Eglis in branches Swarm Egli Tree stub Pollywogs Sun beams Diver

Lake Marmorera

Tree stump with sun

Lake Zurich

Underwater Snail Diver with light Pole Burbot Perch


Fireworks for poor Fireworks for poor Candle light Gummi Bear Threesome Dead Gummi Bear Injured Gummi Bear


Water Lilys Tenches

St. Gallen

Bug Dragonfly Heart Dragonfly Skin Dragonfly on Grass Jump Spider


Parliament Parliament Castle hill Patio Stairways Matthew & St. Anna church Road in Budapest Road with Matthew church Train Chain bridge Chain bridge Budvari Siklo Castle gate Chain bridge with freight ship Wet paint Fisher bastille Musicians in he fisher bastille Commercial for nerds Go Trabbi, go! Castle with chain bridge Budapest at night Budapest at night Budapest at night Parliament


Cave Bubbles Chimney Fish swarm in cave Gorgony Cave Cave Cave Glass fish Pufferfish Lionfish Fish swarm Crown of Thorns Jellyfish with fish Shrimps Nudibranch Jellyfish Moray Eel Moray Eel Lionfish Lionfishes Moray on a hook Sandra Glass fishes Sandra Glass fishes Barracudas Batfishes AOWD algebra lessons Barracudas Christmas tree worms Giant clam Nudibranch Sea snake Underwater landscape Underwater landscape Banner Fish Moorish Idol Cavern Diver Cavern Diver Moray Eel Hatchetfish Scorpionfish Sea Cucumber Lionfish Fish soup Scorpionfish Fish Slug Race Moray Eel Fisch Swarm Clownfish Butterflyfish Glassfish Coral Trout Coral Garden Batfish Pufferfish Coral Trout above Anemones Wart Slug Two Wart Slugs Cleaning Shrimps


Pak Meng Pak Meng Pak Meng Longtail boats Pak Meng Pier Moonrise Submersibles Christmas Dancer Koh Ha Koh Ha Koh Ha Koh Ha Koh Ha

Vilamendhoo, Maldives

Air Taxi 1 Air Taxi 2 Air Taxi 3 Vihamanaafushi Feydhoo Finolhu Atolls Thila Fushi Channel Dragonfly with geckos Night at the jetty Palm Seaplane Blossom Heron Vilamendhoo West Vilamendhoo East Ranveli Dhangethi Bank Dhangethi shopping street Dhangethi Street 1 Dhangethi Street 2 Dhangethi Mosque Dhangethi Cemetery Dhangethi Dhoni Shipyard 1 Dhangethi Dhoni Shipyard 2 Dhangethi boats Dhangethi child Dhangethi Pier 1 Dhangethi Pier 2 Dhangethi Pier 3 Dhangethi Pier 4 Dhangethi Wreck Snorkelers at Lily Beach Sea Turtle 1 Sea Turtle 2 Sea Turtles Parasol Lily Beach Beer belly ahead Sunset with Palm Tree Sunset with Snorkeler Night in the moonlight Shore Crab 1 Beach crab 2 Shore Crab 3 Beach crab 4 Beach crab 5 Ilham Jumping Marlin Dhigurah Palm Beach 1 Dhigurah Palm Beach 2 Water Bungalows Keeping an eye out Ilham Deco buoy in lagoon Ice cream stand Ice cream stand Cloud Reflection Flying Fish Locals with a boat Seaplane with Canoe Sunset with canoe Hermit crab 1 Hermit crab 2 Hermit crab 3 Footprint Hermit crabs 4 Blossom on the Beach Heron with fish Heron with fish Fighting herons Fighting herons Dhonis Heron with pier Sunset with Heron Crab Air Taxi Boarding Reef Ari Atoll Aircraft engine Male 1 Male 2 Male 3 Male Airport

South-Ari Atoll, Maldives

Sting ray Trigerfish swarm Triggerfish swarm Mirela Napoleon Fish swarm Scorpion fish Bat fishes Bat fishes Blue striped snapper Anemone fish Anemone fish Anemone fish Boarding Sea star Shrimp Anemonen Zwei Rotfeuerfüsche Seestern auf Seegurke Canyon Canyon mit Mirela Riffformationen Stachelrochen Muräne Meeresschildkröte Gorgonie Grotte Drachenkopf Fledermausfisch Riffdach Bogen Anemonenfisch Doktorfisch Selbstportrait Fish swarm Octopus Weissspitzen-Riffhai Mirela Fish swarm Meeresschildkröte Muräne Two divers Sicherheitsstop Aufgetaucht Gorgony with corals Stachelrochen Stachelrochen Gorgonie Gorgony Meeresschildkröte Meeresschildkröte Schildkröte mit Mirela Riffkante mit Schildkröte Meeresschildkröte Muräne Muräne

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Side Street Dwelling House Minaret Residential Quarter Building with Tower Street Subway Construction Site Burj Al-Arab Burj Al-Arab Jumeirah Beach Hotel Jumeirah Mosque Jumeirah Mosque Jumeirah Mosque National Bank Dubai Skyline Sprinkler Plants Palm hiding Sun Rolex Twin Towers Dawn Mood Wind Tower Street Gold Camels Arabian Courtyart Arabian Courtyart Minaret Nightlife Skyline Water Taxis Spice Souk Spice Souk Spice Souk Taxis at Mall of Emirates Mall of Emirates Mall of Emirates Mall of Emirates Burj Dubai Skyscrapers Skyscraper Skyline Glass Palace Rolex Twin Towers Contradiction Crescent Moon above Mosque Dubai Creek Water Taxi Traffic Lights Instructions

DiveZone Fundive 16.9.2007

Getting dressed Three divers What? Masks up Dive down Diver underwater Divers looking out of water Two divers in water Divers OK? OK! Photographer Exiting Divers with fins

Tarifa, Spain (2007)

Smiley in the sand Fins on the beach Container Ship Jumping Bottlenose Dolphin Bottlenose dolphin jumping Jumping Bottlenose Dolphin Bottlenose Dolphin Bottlenose Dolphin Jumping Bottlenose Dolphin Leaping Bottlenose Dolphin Bottlenose Dolphin Bottlenose Dolphin Katharina Pilot whale Bottlenose Dolphin Bottlenose Dolphin Young pilot whale Young pilot whale Bottlenose Dolphin Tanker Filikon Bow wave riding Bow wave riding Bottlenose Dolphin Pilot Whale Moroccan fishermen Moroccan fishermen Moroccan fishermen FIRMM Boat Underwater Film Underwater Film Underwater Film Zodiac with Tarifa-Jet Whale-Watcher Zodiac with Pilot Whale Scuba Plankton Film team Photoshoot

Mundart-Festival Brütten 2007

Camen 1 Camen 2 Camen 3 Camen 4 Camen's Guitarist Camen 5 Camen Group Photo Florian Senn Thomas & Adrian Florian Senn Adrian Sieber Light effects Thomas & Florian Adrian Sieber Concert photography Simon Ramseier Simon Ramseier Simon Ramseier Adrian Sieber Florian Senn Adrian Sieber Adrian Sieber Thomas Rechberger Thomas & Adrian Thomas Rechberger Thomas Rechberger Thomas Rechberger Thomas Rechberger Adrian Sieber Thomas Rechberger Thomas & Stefan Thomas Rechberger Thomas Rechberger

Flight Bernese Alps

Mauensee Ostergau, Wuschiwil Kronospan Schweiz AG Farm at Napf Langnau in Emmental Thun in backlight Thick clouds Clouds above Alps Lötsch valley Snow slope Valais view Alps and clouds Rosswald Aletsch Glacier Reservoir Place de la concorde Ewigschneefeld Monk Jungfraujoch Observatory Jungfrau Jungfraujoch Observatory Sphinx Observatory Eiger Sunbeams Pilatus Bürgenstock Rigi Lucerne Spring pond Rape field

Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt

Jewel Fairy basslet Glass fishes Jellyfish Mirela Hawk fish Mirela und Nemo Clownfish family Coral hind Schultz's Pipefish Parrot Fish Arabian Damsel Chelidonura livida Brain Coral Chromodoris quadricolor Lionfish Lionfish Mirela and Yasser Coral and Sun Soft Coral Jellyfish Mirela and Yasser Parrot Fish Bluespotted Stingray Gorgony Coral Block Freef Top Coral Reef Gobies Jellyfish Egyptian Sea Star Emperor Fish Sand Lizardfish Giant Moray Eel Diagonal Butterflyfish Lionfish Hawkfish Tank in Thistlegorm Grenade in Thistlegorm Cart in Thistlegorm Diver and Thistlegorm Glassfish Stern Gun Thistlegorm Wreck SS Thistlegorm Thistlegorm Rope Winch Thistlegrom Bubbles Bikes in SS Thistlegorm Bikes in SS Thistlegorm Railway Car in Thistleggorm Thistlegorm Twilight Truck in Thistlegorm Fish Swarm Batfish Bubbles from Thistlegorm


Páfos Castle 1 Páfos Castle 2 Avagas Gorge 1 Avagas Gorge 2 Avagas Gorge 3 Akamas Peninsula 1 Goat in Bush Goats at the Cliff Akamas Peninsula 2 Hunting Prohibited Lighthouse Páfos 1 Páfos 1 Páfos 2 Lighthouse Páfos 2 Páfos 3 Almond Blossoms Dóra Clouds above Troodos Mountains Tarmac Machine Diarizos Valley Cedars in Troodos Mountains Clouds above Troodos Mountains Apollon Temple Apollon Temple Ora Stavrovouni Monastery Light and Shadows on the Sea Kourion Kourion Stadion Panó Lefkara Chala Sultan Tekke 1 Chala Sultan Tekke 2
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