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Milky Way with Shooting Star

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Clouds Clouds

Lake Lucerne

Perch Perch Perch Lots of hydrae Young burbot Freshwater Polyps Hydrae Toad Toads backpack 2 Toads backpack 1 Spawning toads Toad spawn Pollywogs Toad portrait Toad with spawn Toad portrait Toad Snail Toads having sex Frog Spawn Loving Toads Toads spawning Burbot

Lake Zug

Crayfish Hydra vulgaris Lota lota McDonalds Crayfish Mussels on Crayfish Perch Spawn Hydra vulgaris Orconectes limisosus Lister's river snail McDonalds Crayfish Crayfish in Hand American Crayfish Perch spawn Perch spawn Freshwater polyps


Making of 'Hi President Skroob' Barracudas before/after Shark Picture before/after Making of 'Samaranger Cross Making of 'Sea Stars' Making of 'Korallenblock' Making of 'Anemone with Anemone Fish' Sunfish before/after Anemone before/after Hommingberg Gepard Trout Jellyfish before/after Perches before/after Perch before/after Snail before/after

Aare River

Perch on Algae Perch European crayfish Pike on Sand 2 Pike on Sand 1 Perch Barbel Catfish 2 Catfish 1 Crayfish Pike Pike


Rigi Transmission Tower Fence on Rigi Fogsea from Rigi


European eel European eel European eel Northern pike Diver Common roach European eel Sweetwater sponge Northern pike

Lake Constance

Jura funnel Jura steam boiler Jura paddle shaft Jura diver Jura Stairs Jura paddle wheel box portside Jura bow Jura windlass Jura paddle wheel box starboard 2 Jura paddle wheel box starboard 1 Jura stairs Jura Davits Jura steering wheel Jura porthole Jura Paddle Wheel Wreck of Jura Name

Blind Lake

Zander Tree trunk Juvenile fish Root diver Diver with root Tree trunks Shorty Diver Twilight Tree stump in sunlight Juvenile fish with tree stump Sidemount Diving Sunken tree 2 Sunken tree 1 Enjoy the sun Tree stump at boat house

Lake Samaranger

Tree Trunks Under Trees Diver with Sidemount Tanks Frogman at Cross Magical Tree Tree with thick slime algae Diver with Camera Diver with Halo Branches with Slime Algae Diver at Cross Cross Photo Shooting Split-View Fir Shore are Fir with Frogdiver Fallen Fir Diver Four Divers Sidemount Diver Three Divers 2 Divers, 1 Frog Two Divers Tree in the Middle of Lake Cross Shooting Cross Root Hole Tree Mikado Tree with Slime Algae Diver with Fisheye Entry Point Split-View Entry Fence Light Patterns Branch with Slime Algae Tree with Slime Algae

Lake Fernstein

Mirror World Root Water plants with reflection Branches and reflection Split view with Forest Three divers Self portrait Trout with Diver Sidemount Diver Sidemount Diver Diver with camera

Blue Lake

Back swimmer Split-view winter Diver with camera Diver with strobe Taucher with Statue 3 Trout Diver with Statue 2 Diver with Statue 1 Diver